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BUDGET AND FINANCE: How do I invoice for an Unscheduled Visit?

Unscheduled visits can be invoiced one of two ways – at the visit level, or at the procedure level.

If you’d like to invoice at the visit level, you’ll find a place for the Unscheduled Visit fee at the bottom of the Revenue section of your budget configuration.

If you’d like to invoice at the procedure level, you’ll add the applicable procedure to the ‘Procedure Logic’ section of the budget, and populate a fee in the Unscheduled column.

BUDGET AND FINANCE: How do I make an item invoiceable?

On the right side of each visit-level and procedure-level fee field, there is a grey icon with a $ symbol on it that looks like this:

Clicking on the icon will change its color to orange, and mark the item as invoiceable.

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