Clinical Research Attorney Says Sites Have a Strong Case for Budget Renegotiation during COVID

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Edye Edens of First Class Solutions, reports that sites have a strong case for renegotiating trial budgets given the current environment of increased regulatory change. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean consectetur elementum tincidunt. Pellentesque a venenatis ipsum. Donec iaculis, elit eu suscipit dictum, magna eros tristique turpis, elementum convallis sapien dui at urna. Donec eu nunc id lacus pharetra euismod. Mauris laoreet iaculis vehicula. Pellentesque lacinia aliquet risus ac vehicula. Nunc auctor tristique diam, sed dignissim nisi condimentum nec. Curabitur pharetra dapibus aliquet. Fusce gravida id tortor id pretium. Pellentesque placerat vulputate mi eget consectetur. Vivamus non tellus risus. Sed vitae orci congue, auctor lorem et, euismod mauris. Ut erat justo, suscipit sit amet feugiat a, porta eget diam. Quisque non dignissim nisl. Nam sollicitudin elementum justo vitae eleifend.

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